Enlightenment Study Kit

A portable, Flexible, Engaging and Interactive study software system



Enlightenment is an e learning Study Kit product, designed and developed by Interactive E-learning Africa Ltd. for students and teachers.

It is designed with interactive multimedia sessions for the 21st century students based on the approved syllabus.

Enlightenment is designed to give students more control over both learning content and process to meet their individual learning needs. The content is packaged to enlighten students, offer interactive learning environment, entertaining and enlightening, by use of animation, motion videos, graphics and sound that will help the student learn faster.


Enlightenment study kit offers solution that promote Problem-based learning, Work-based learning, Practice-based learning and focus the learners to Critical thinking skills, Analytical skills and Creativity in interaction learning and communication.

Enlightenment is designed to run as software in computers, phones and Tablets, based on different operating systems e.g Android, Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS.


To provide a portable, Flexible, Engaging and Interactive study software system for Students based on the approved syllabus/course.

It provides:

  1. Better multimedia Visualization (graphics, animation) and sound

  2. Self-paced learning.

  3. Cheap with a long technology and 'lifetime' content.

  4. Allows for different level of user

  5. Consistency in education/ course syllabus